Body peelings and wrapping treatments

Anti cellulite programme

1,5h., EUR 97; 2h., EUR 124

The treatment consists of sculpting/ anti cellulite massage for problem areas or the whole body, anti cellulite salt peeling and slimming algae wrap with an anti-cellulite gel application as a final touch. It is an effective combination for getting a slim and toned body and fighting one’s body imperfections.

Peeling and Algae Slimming Wrap

1 h., EUR 69; 1.5 h., EUR 97
Warm algae are applied to problem zones to create thermo effect. Through open pores active ingredients penetrate the skin. Algae wrapping stimulates blood circulation and helps the oxygen from blood cells burn subcutaneous fat. The disintegrated fat and toxins are removed from your body.

Peeling and Body Wrap in Chocolate

1 h., EUR 69; 1.5 h., EUR 97
The treatment consists of a body peeling and wrapping. Cocoa beans contain theobromine which is very effective in destruction of fat cells while mineral substances facilitate renewing tissues and removing toxins. Wrapping activates your blood circulation and improves meatbolism, letting the active ingredients tone your deeper tissues and give you additional energy.

Honey Wrap with Herbal Peeling

1 h., EUR 69; 1.5 h., EUR 97
The treatment consists of a herbal peeling which improves the blood circulation and is followed by honey wrapping which activates the lymphatic system, purifies the skin and removes toxins. Honey nourishes the skin and keeps it velvety soft and elastic.