Thal' ion

The sea remains an inexhaustive source of natural marine wealth, which is at the heart of our passion. It represents purity, freedom, and authenticity.

THAL’ION, within 10 years of its creation, has become a leader in its fields as it the only brand of marine cosmetics to integrate the whole seaweed processing from harvesting to the final cosmetics products.

Its objective always remains to propose the most effective treatments and cosmetics products through the use of the best adapted and freshest seaweeds, providing exceptionnal products with a high concentration in active ingredients.


STENDERS produce high quality bath and body cosmetics. Warm hands have crafted the Stenders products, combining the life force of nature with knowledge from ancient recipes. STENDERS is born in the heart of Latvia, in Riga. The products are hand-made using natural products like plant oils, plant extracts, dried particles of plants, essential oils, distilled essential oils, beeswax and honey cells.

Cooperation with the STENDERS has strarted from the opening day of Park Spa and we are delighted to offer our customers the treatments with natural cosmetics. These are high quality base oils and butters, essential oils and their blends, massage oils cocktails, chocolate and roze treatments.