NEW! Anti cellulite programme

1,5h., EUR 86; 2h., EUR 113

The treatment consists of sculpting/ anti cellulite massage for problem areas or the whole body, anti cellulite salt peeling and slimming algae wrap with an anti-cellulite gel application as a final touch. It is an effective combination for getting a slim and toned body and fighting one’s body imperfections. 

10th treatment – FOR FREE!


1 pers., EUR 192; 2 pers., EUR 300; 3.5h (3 pers., EUR 450; 4 pers., EUR 599)
Real 24-karat gold is used for the Royal Gold VIP treatment. It stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. Gold strengthens the capacity of cellular energy, lymph and blood circulation, and helps your body to release toxins. The programme consists of warming yourself in a steam sauna,
face and body peelings with a smooth consistency gold scrub, a face and a body massage with gold massage lotion. A royal soak in a foam bath and an aromatic steam sauna. Superb champagne. After the treatment your skin will get a radiant, elegant, golden glow.
Special feelings for a unique, unforgettable evening. Luxury, glamour, joy and celebration, all in one! Treat yourself to the very best!


1 pers., EUR 149; 2 pers., EUR 234; 3h (3 pers., EUR 350; 4 pers., EUR 467)
The treatment is saturated with oriental aromas and exotic spices and consists of
warming yourself in a steam sauna, a face and body peeling with a scrub containing oriental spices and oils, a face and body massage with oils of oriental flavours and warmth, an aroma foam bath and a steam sauna. Selected oriental tea and champagne.
The treatment will give you a special feeling of celebration, warmth, secret, joy and travel. A unique enjoyment and relaxation.

Asian Exotic Bamboo Massage

1.5h, EUR 86; 2h, EUR 113
Bamboo is a symbol of eternal youth, prosperity and peace, it has regenerating and relaxing qualities. The Bamboo massage is performed with special bamboo stalks and essential oils, it is both regenerating and relaxing, as it takes away physical and mental stress and renews the vital energy flow. Bamboo relaxes tired muscles, improves blood circulation, facilitates metabolism and lymphatic  drainage, thus minimising swelling. The massage will charge your body with energy and leave a feeling of deep relaxation and well being. Your body, mind and spirit will regain balance.