NEW! Anti cellulite programme

1,5h., EUR 97; 2h., EUR 124

The treatment consists of sculpting/ anti cellulite massage for problem areas or the whole body, anti cellulite salt peeling and slimming algae wrap with an anti-cellulite gel application as a final touch. It is an effective combination for getting a slim and toned body and fighting one’s body imperfections. 

10th treatment – FOR FREE!


1 pers., EUR 259; 2 pers., EUR 329; 3.5h (3 pers., EUR 494; 4 pers., EUR 654)
Real 24-karat gold is used for the Royal Gold VIP treatment. It stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. Gold strengthens the capacity of cellular energy, lymph and blood circulation, and helps your body to release toxins. The programme consists of warming yourself in a steam sauna,
face and body peelings with a smooth consistency gold scrub, a face and a body massage with gold massage lotion. A royal soak in a foam bath and an aromatic steam sauna. Superb champagne. After the treatment your skin will get a radiant, elegant, golden glow.
Special feelings for a unique, unforgettable evening. Luxury, glamour, joy and celebration, all in one! Treat yourself to the very best!


1 pers., EUR 199; 2 pers., EUR 269; 3h (3 pers., EUR 402; 4 pers., EUR 535)
The treatment is saturated with oriental aromas and exotic spices and consists of
warming yourself in a steam sauna, a face and body peeling with a scrub containing oriental spices and oils, a face and body massage with oils of oriental flavours and warmth, an aroma foam bath and a steam sauna. Selected oriental tea and champagne.
The treatment will give you a special feeling of celebration, warmth, secret, joy and travel. A unique enjoyment and relaxation.