VIP apartments


1 pers.,EUR 149; 2 pers., EUR 234; 3h (3 pers., EUR 350; 4 pers., EUR 467)
The VIP treatment consists of warming up in a steam bath, a body peeling, a face peeling and a mask (or a face massage) and an aromatic body massage. After the treatment you will enjoy a leisurely relaxation in a foam bath and an aromatic steam sauna. Tea, water and champagne. Wonderful leisure and relaxation!


1 pers., EUR 192; 2 pers., EUR 300; 3.5h (3 pers., EUR 450; 4 pers., EUR 599)
Real 24-karat gold is used for the Royal Gold VIP treatment. It stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. Gold strengthens the capacity of cellular energy, lymph and blood circulation, and helps your body to release toxins. The programme consists of warming yourself in a steam sauna,
face and body peelings with a smooth consistency gold scrub, a face and a body massage with gold massage lotion. A royal soak in a foam bath and an aromatic steam sauna. Superb champagne. After the treatment your skin will get a radiant, elegant, golden glow.
Special feelings for a unique, unforgettable evening. Luxury, glamour, joy and celebration, all in one! Treat yourself to the very best!


1 pers.,EUR 149; 2 pers., EUR 234; 3h (3 pers., EUR 350; 4 pers., EUR 467)
The treatment is saturated with oriental aromas and exotic spices and consists of
warming yourself in a steam sauna, a face and body peeling with a scrub containing oriental spices and oils, a face and body massage with oils of oriental flavours and warmth, an aroma foam bath and a steam sauna. Selected oriental tea and champagne.
The treatment will give you a special feeling of celebration, warmth, secret, joy and travel. A unique enjoyment and relaxation.


1 pers., EUR 165; 2 pers., EUR 270; 3.5h (3 pers., EUR 405; 4 pers., EUR 539)
Latvian herbs have long been valued for their incredible therapeutic effect and excellent healing properties. All the materials, cosmetics and herbs have been grown and picked in Latvia and blended exclusively for this treatment programme.
You will feel carried away to the Latvian meadows; scents from ecologically pure nature’s herbs will give you a relaxing feeling; stress and fatigue will melt away. The herbal peeling with meadow blossoms will tenderly purify your skin while yarrow and wormwood oil massage will rebalance your emotional state, soothe the strained muscles. In addition these oils are anti-allergic; they purify respiratory airways.
The face treatment or massage with the best cosmetics will give your face the glow and natural freshness. A soak in a foam bath or bath with sea salt and specially blended herbal mixture will revitalise your skin, the aromas from the Latvian meadows and forests will renew your strength. Herbal tea will be a perfect source of natural vitamins. For utmost relaxation – champagne.
After the treatment you will have a wonderful feeling of peace, purity and lightness.
It will be an unforgettable and pleasant experience.


1 pers. EUR 129, 2 pers. EUR 189; 3h (3 pers., EUR 279; 4 pers., EUR 364)
During the evening you will enjoy a body peeling, a body massage, a foam bath and an aromatic steam sauna. Refreshing drinks and tea will be served.
Additional treatment: a face/ neck and head massage 30 min EUR 27